Hologram Box

Three-dimensional basics in media space

The project “Hologram Box" came in a five-week workshop, "Three-dimensional basics in media space". The task was to design an interactive application using Leap Motion and Processing. The result was required to be a working system that could be operated by gestures.

Our idea was to be able to control a hologram by gestures. We have chosen two objects, a particle system and a ball. At the beginning of the system, the user is prompted to select an object, using the palm of their hand, with which he wants to interact. The system can be left through a circular motion with your finger.
The particle system follows the hand and changes its colour depending on the position in space. It responds to the gesture of the hand. If the hand is flat, the particles spread, if it is a fist, the particles move closely together, and if only the index finger is extended, the particles will collect all at one point around the finger. The system is also able to track two hands.
The second choice is a ball which, depending on the position of the hand in 3 dimensional space, rotates and scales. A second hand brings another ball into play which can then be controlled in the orbit of the first ball.
We used a simple screen onto glass projection to create the illusion of a hologram.
Leap Motion for Processing enabled us to interact with the system.
Term 			2. Semester 
Lecturer 		Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernández-Castro 
Team			Anna Foltinek 
				Felix Waldkirch