The weekend workshop "media technology " was about creating a media installation with the programming language VVVV .

Our task was to make a correction bridge over three computers, which occurs when one image wants to be shown over different screens. We then chose to study how you can now control a 360 ° image of the Louvre in Paris and took a Kinect for this.
The user now has the option to control the panorama with his hands and to change his perspective. the controlling hand has to be stretched to get tracked by the kinect with which the image can then be moved to the left or right. Furthermore, the head is tracked in space and due to the spatial coordinates adjusts the picture. A closer look at individual excerpts can be achieved by approaching the Kinect.
We thought about interacting with media installations with focus on exploring.
The kinect offered us the possibility to explore the Louvre in a natural way by moving your body. For this installation we used VVVV as programming language.
Term 			1. Semester 
Professor 		Prof. Jens Döring 
Team			Nikolas Klein 
				Anna Foltinek