Interface Design

Retirement homes are mostly obsolete in this digital age, most of them still keep records graphical. Plenty of printed forms must be filled in and signed.
Hygiene forms, drug forms, daily task forms and many more for each resident. This means in addition to a numerous amounts of wasted paper there are also hundreds of aged files stored in a chamber creating additional labour for each nurse. Not only does it take a long time but also most of the handwritten forms are unreadable.

The idea was to create an application for digital files. It is supporting the workflow of all nurses individually depending on their shift and their patients.
Our main area of concern was to ensure we provide an application which is supporting the daily labour and is not coming with additional expenses or workload. The files will be digitally shown on an iPad. When the shift starts the nurses will have to log in with a username and a password and automatically the application shows the patients who have to be treated in this shift. Therefore it is not necessary to carry the paper files anymore, every file of each patient is shown on the iPad. Also there is no need to sign files after ticking off lists, it is done automatically by logging in.
Another two benefits are the easy communication between the nurses via the application or making an emergency call in just a few seconds.
User-testing helped us to figure out which device would be the most convenient one, so we decided to use an iPad.

The design was built with Photoshop.
For prototyping we used Keynote and AfterEffects.
Term 			2. Semester 
Lecturer 		Thomas Techert 
Team			Miguel Pawlowski