Application Design

„Money“ helps you keep to track of your finances – and make sense of them. There are already numerous applications in this area, the interests of users seems so given. However, the incentive and the sense of security was always missing. During the analysis phase, we developed our concept and brought their own functions in the SWOT analysis and KANO.

Our application is divided into two parts: In addition to the desktop application, there is a mobile application which is synchronised. The mobile application is an extension of the desktop application. The bank accounts of the user are linked via online banking with the application, so that transactions are recorded directly in the application. In addition, there is a "cash" - account to which the transactions are added manually. This is done primarily through the mobile application that acts as a digital wallet and to add speed it is hosted by inputs and outputs.
Furthermore, the user is informed about his finances.
Cash transactions can also be added to the desktop software, but the main purpose of this is to give a detailed overview of finances. This is done through a detailed transaction history, as well as interactive visualizations.
In addition to the purely documentative aspect of the application, the user has the potential to optimize its financial flow. This is done by creating budgets, and creating a reserve. Through intelligent suggestions, context-related instructions and dynamic responding to user input, the application provides an added value and is divided smoothly into everyday life. The focus on both applications was to create an intuitive and motivating application, which clearly stands out by a visually concise style of the competition.
We focused on developing an application which is as motivating and fun as secure. Highly importance was attached to little big details.
We had a long analysis phase, and used lot of methods like card sorting and did lots of user testing. In this time we did some prototypes with Framer.js.
It was designed with Photoshop and built in Web by Christoph Labacher and Florian Ludwig.
Term 			3. Semester 
Lecturer 		Jürgen Gräf 
Team			Florian Ludwig 
				Christoph Labacher