Kio is an application that frees educators from organisational tasks and enables them to pay more attention to children


Due to new pedagogical concepts, educators are encouraged to document the children's progress precisely. This handwritten documentation is a time-consuming task. The challenge is to enable educatos to create the documentation in a simple and quick way and to motivate them to create this documentation frequently.

How might we give educators more time for the individual development of children?

Focusing attention on each child boosts their self-esteem. However, it is nearly impossible in every day business of kindergarten. KIO focuses on the needs of educators and children. It provides educators with a better overview and allows them to create documentation on the development of children. During everyday life it supports educators with important information, helps them to communicate effectively and makes it easy to understand childrens records.


An Efficient and Conversational Application

The app facilitates and accelerates the administration in everyday life. Compared to conventional administration software, the app has a big impact on the work of educators. All information, photos, checklists and data about children can be collected with the app and are available at any time - clearly arranged and easy to understand.


The daily overview contains anomalies, attendances and all important information about each child. Everything can be commented and is visible to everyone.


There are always situations in which a short note is needed without much effort. Notes, annotations and images can be created quickly and easily with the application.
The development documentation is one of the most important and at the same time most complex tasks of the educators. The app offers the possibility to create, edit, save or print templates directly.


Student project at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd within the sixth semester 2016. Together with Catrine Schlosser