The Arctic

Interactive Communication System

In the course " Interactive Communication Systems" we had the task to design an information system for a topic of our choice.

We created an explorative system about the Arctic’s history, landscape, natives and nature to gain an access to policy relevant topics but also its beauty and infinite width. A mixture of knowledge and exciting exploration. The aim was it to create an information system which is as fun as instructive.
The system consists of several levels. A 360 ° arctic landscape forms the basis and the first information hirarchy. Trough touch interaction the user is able to navigate through the landscape and comes across again and again for clues to the next level of detail. The information hirarchy is classified into three levels. The landscape topic (residents , animals, industry, ...), content (historical, environmental, ...).
We appointed children as our target group so we tried to keep the interface childish and playfully informative.
The interface was mostly built in Illustrator just a few things in Photoshop.
Term 			2. Semester 
Lecturer 		Roger Walk
Team			Anna Foltinek